Common  Questions

about Sidewalk Rescue Ministry and Homelessness

What inspired the startup of this mission?

After going through a string of ups and downs, Rodney was inspired by the Word of God. It was through His words Rodney felt empowered to continue on and forge connections with those following a similar path.

How has Rodney’s life changed since starting the mission?

Life was never the same for Rodney. Dropping addiction allowed him to pursue a new way of life, guiding those around him to live a better life.

What is the most needed resource?

Although Sidewalk Rescue utilizes a variety of goods for its care packages and mission, financial assistance is the most appreciated, as it helps expand the options available.

How often are the care packages distributed?

Care packages are assembled on Fridays and dispersed on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Is hands-on assistance required or necessary?

Currently, there is a small group dedicated to creating care packages. People who want to help out may research how to construct care packages themselves here.

What other ways can the community help the homeless?

We encourage anyone who’d like to help those in need to create care packages and distribute them to people you see who are homeless.

Are there other ways to donate?

If the Stripe option available via the “Donate” button does not meet your needs, please contact us directly through Facebook, phone at (253) 507-0314, or email at .

Where are the people who need assistance located?

The homeless community extends past Tacoma, WA. Smaller communities can be found off highway ramps, within town centers, and along local strips.

“I have met a young man who has survived a horrific upbringing, has been homeless and addicted and has come through the other side “by the grace of God.” He started a wonderful organization called “Sidewalk Rescue,” an organization that reaches out to the homeless. I’ve been able to go with him from time to time and help. It’s heartbreaking and amazing how he connects with all of them and treats all with the respect that has been lost along the way. We need to have more loving people on this earth that go that extra mile. Thank you Rodney Richardson for seeing another part of our society through your eyes.”