You Can Make a Difference in Lives of the Homeless

Sidewalk Rescue Ministry provides support and works to reduce stigma for people experiencing homeless in our community. We rely on donations and other forms of assistance to continue our work.

Meeting Basic Needs

Sidewalk Rescue delivers care packages filled with essential supplies that help people who are living without homes.

Delivering Hope

Sidewalk Rescue emphasizes relationships that help people feel connected and less alone.

Without Judgment

Sidewalk Rescue prioritizes inclusion, and serves without regard to race, age, gender, illness, or other status.

“Sidewalk ministry is so much more than just food bags, socks, hand warmers and sleeping bags; it’s a Godsend for a lot of us homeless people suffering out in the elements and going through what seems to be a never-ending misery, especially for us who stay in the mud pit, or as many like to refer to it as ‘hell on earth.’ I honestly don’t know what I would do without Rodney and the Sidewalk Rescue Ministry.”

“I met Rodney from Sidewalk Rescue, thanks to a friend who referred me. When I called
Rodney, I could barely speak through my tears and heartbreak. He listened to my story
with passion, understanding and empathy. For the first time, I felt as though I had
someone I could trust and reach out to without judgment. When my son returned to Tacoma, Rodney made time to with meet us. He and Sean spent time sharing their stories and getting to know each other. Then Rodney took him shopping for work boots and gave him some personal items, socks, toiletries and underwear, all without making Sean feel shame. Rodney and Sidewalk Rescue see the people on the corner, in the park and on the sidewalk. He doesn’t walk by ¬∑without stopping to ask how they are or what they need. He sees the person behind the dirty face & rumpled clothing making each feel loved, heard and important. Collecting donations of food & clothing to share with our neighbor, you can find Rodney giving what he can to those in need while he makes each person feel special. I’m grateful to have met Rodney and still call him from time to time for the support he gives so tenderly with no expectation or judgement. Thank you Rodney and Sidewalk Rescue.”